Published On: Wed, Feb 6th, 2013

Festival of Sanremo 2013: Luciana Littizzetto choose shoes Rizieri

Festival of Sanremo 2013: Luciana Littizzetto choose shoes Rizieri

Festival of Sanremo 2013: Luciana Littizzetto choose shoes Rizieri

Luciana Littizzetto also at the Sanremo Festival 2013 wearing shoes exclusive Rizieri. On the occasion of his participation in “Che tempo che fa”, the program hosted by Fabio Fazio RaiTre, the famous comic Turin not only entertains us with his jokes, but we always show the shoes with vertiginous heels and wedges. Shoes with pink sole recognizable-dark purple, designer Rizieri.

The Festival of Sanremo is usually followed not only to listen to the songs of the singers in the competition or to see what they have to say, the various national and international guests called (and paid) for the occasion, but also to admire the look of those who participated in the television event. This year they begin to leak the first rumors of those who dress: dress as always Rizieri feet Luciana Littizzetto!

Rizieri shoes, the brand that offers handmade shoes every season, with collections designed for women who want to be fashionable but also for the bride, it is still faithful companion of Littizzetto Luciana, who often said he wishes he stretch a bit ‘ feet because shoes are a fundamental part of his style, to give a little ‘to boost its stature, not really high, as well as to harmonize the silhouette, to give more elegance in his bearing.

For Luciana Littizzetto not be easy to find the shoes, as the door 33. Rizieri produces models made for her, with heels and wedges that give it a few inches more. She is so in love not on television wearing nothing but shoes made for her by designer Riccardo Broglia Rizieri: shoes that we can see you the weather, but also on the occasion of his participation in the Sanremo Festival 2013.

The designer shoes is famous for its beautiful lines of women’s shoes: Rizieri Riccardo Broglia, which can boast a track record with studies at prestigious institutions in the world of fashion as the IED Moda Lab, Domus Academy, Bocconi University, the Polytechnic Milan and the Cercal of San Mauro Pascoli, after having worked in the footwear division of Marni, decided to start his own project in 2008. A project carried out each year collections of shoes are handmade with the best quality craftsmanship Made in Italy, with precious materials and refined details and fine.

Shoes by the Italian Style most excellent, that will surely proudly displayed their Sanremo 2013!